UPDATED FOR 2022! "SFIC: Advanced" ©2005/2022 by William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, ICML, CMIL, M.Ed., is THE book for anyone who has worked on or now works with SFICs on a regular basis. A true break-through in the SFIC arena, this comprehensive 309-page collection contains never-before printed information on keyway profiles, graphic pin segments for all systems, a new IC pin chart, master keyed control key lists, and much, much more! This revolutionary book includes 249 crisp digital photos, 58 easy-to-read charts, 772 superb diagrams (with exploded views) and even nine exams to test your knowledge! Review SFIC original patent diagrams along with historical information, previously only shared with a select few. In addition, this is the most complete, up-to-date assembly of SFIC tools anywhere, coupled with detailed information on creating, decoding and servicing existing and NEW types of SFIC systems. This virtual "Encyclopedia of SFIC" was written by one who teaches IC for ALOA, locksmith associations and security conferences nationally. Absolutely everything you need to know is here... so, don't miss out on an easy way to increase your sales with the help of this SFIC gem!

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