The Fifteen Minute Safe Opening Technique By: Jake Jakubuwski - ON SALE!


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The Fifteen Minute Safe Opening Technique

This book deals exclusively with round head lift out doors. Shows five ways to open a Major; three ways to find the Dog Pin on a Major; four ways to open a Star; four ways to open a LaGard style round head. Also covered are: Bolt shear, side punching, drilling false gates, finding Dog Pins, 'blowing bolts' and drilling perfect scope holes; How to make emergency dials; How to open most round heads in fifteen minutes or less; Open the most severely vandalized heads in a matter of minutes; How to bypass hard plate and relockers on lift-out doors; How to spindle drill older Majors; How to 'Blow the bolts' on a LaGard and many LaGard style round heads. Over 100 specific photographs. Fifty clear illustrations. Dozens of specific drill points and a specific drill point locator, over 140 pages. Included are drill points for Diebold, Migh-T-Safe, Kingdom, Sentry, In-A-Floor and other round heads. Page after page, picture after picture, illustration after illustration-all designed to help you make money.

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