Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair By: Jake Jakubuwski - ON SALE!


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Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair

In Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair I endeavored to take the mystery out of aluminum stile door service, repair, replacement and refurbishment. I outlined easy ways to replace a pivot, a lock or a concealed vertical rod. I show how to diagnose, repair, adjust or replace an overhead concealed closer or Rixson Floor Check. ---------------------------------------- In this book you can:------ Learn the difference between a “stile” and a “style”.------ Replace a surface mounted closer or deactivate a pivot with equal ease.------ Adjust a malfunctioning Jackson CVR or electrify a lock.------ Learn how to “take down a door” or replace a frame or add a mullion, or install a magnetic lock.------ In 423 pages, with 758 photographs and illustrations, I show you how to make some really swinging profits by installing hinges, butts, closers, floor checks, over head concealed closers, panic hardware, locks, latches, dust-proof strikes, new doors, frames and electronic access control.------ Photograph-after-photograph, illustration-after-illustration and chapter-after-chapter makes, I believe, Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair the book to have.

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